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Great Wolf Lodge

**CAUTION**You know those obnoxious people who constantly post pictures of their vacation to Facebook? That’s pretty much what this is.

So this past weekend I had the pleasure of a one nights stay at the famous Great Wolf Lodge Hotel. For those of you who are not familiar, Great Wolf Lodges are a chain of nature-themed hotels (Mostly Wolves, Bears and the like) that contains many forms of entertainment, the prominent one being the giant indoor water park. The hotel got it’s roots as Black Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin, and has developed into 14 different locations. The one I “traveled” to was in Mason, Ohio about 15 minutes away from me. This is a very special location because it is located directly next to Ohio’s famous theme park, Kings Island, which I’ll be sure to review later.

  1. The Water Park

Truthfully, this was not my first time at Great Wolf. I went shortly after it opened in 2006, so obviously I am a bit biased due to my mass nostalgia, however it was a delightful stay on its own. I went with a friend that time and we played in the water park for hours. HOURS. And with several jungle-jims, water slides and wave pools, its no wonder how we did it. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to go to the water park this time. I have no regrets though, I was busy having fun doing other things. If you are a kid or have kids, I would highly suggest checking it out.


2. The Room

The room was immaculate. Truly gorgeous. The bed was suuuper comfy and not to mention huuuge. There was also a couch that pulled out into a bed. We splurged a little and got the room with a whirlpool and a fireplace and let me tell you- that Whirpool came in soooo clutch. It was a large part of the reason we didn’t have a want or need to go to the water park. I know that we were right next to a family of five but could not hear a peep from our neighbors (Nor did we get any complaints ourselves) so the walls must be pretty thick. There weren’t a bunch of over priced amenities in the fridge (In fact, there were two complementary water bottles!) Overall, the atmosphere was very calm and relaxing; The furniture kept within the nature theme; the ceilings were so high it made the room seem very open; and even the hand soaps were warm vanilla scented. The room was also in close proximity to everything which is always a plus.


3. MagicQuest

Confession time: The main reason I really wanted to return to Great Wolf was to live out my childhood fantasy of playing MagicQuest. So basically the entire hotel is an interactive experience. Magicquest is a game that spans 3 floors of Great Wolf and costs about 30+ dollars. About $15 for the game and $15 for the wand. The premise of the game is to be a master of magic by gaining all of the runes and completing the adventures. You get runes by solving riddles, locating objects and collecting gold. Again, the whole hotel is interactive, so you wave your wand at a treasure chest to get gold, or at one of the squirrels on the wall to make it dance. Talk about a way to get cardio, and by the time you’re finished (it can take about 3 to 6 hours by the way) you know the place like the back of your hand.

4. Other Entertainment

There was so much more to do that I couldn’t accomplish on just a one night’s stay. (By the way check in starts at 4, but you can get your wristbands to access all the fun as early as 1:00 PM. You have access all the way through your last day, even after checkout.) They have an arcade, mini golf, a spa, a Dunkin Donuts, two restaurants and of course Kings Island. All in all, for a one night’s stay (water park passes included) I paid about $517, plus the $30 it cost to play MagicQuest. I would definitely go again in the future, and would recommend to anyone who has a location near by. If not, make it a stop on your next road trip!


(The arcade)


(Mini Golf)






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