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Your Paddy’s Day Playlist

  1. Galway Girl- Ed Sheeran (Because I will find a way to put an Ed Sheeran song on every playlist)

  2. I’m Shipping Up to Boston- Dropkick Murphys (Trust me, you know the song)

  3. If I Ever Leave This World Alive- Flogging Molly

  4. Henrietta- Fratellis (I’m aware they’re Scottish, but still a great song to dance to)

  5. Kierkegaard- Rusangano Family (Some African-Irish Rap flavorr)

  6. 500 Miles- The Proclaimers (Scottish again, sorry)

  7. Linger- The Cranberries  (Hate me for it I don’t care)

  8. The Blood of Cochluainn- Mychael Danna (Boondock Saints Theme song)

  9. Chumbawamba- Tubthumpers (Another song not by an Irish (This time English) band but I think has the Paddy’s Spirit)

  10. Nothing Compares 2 U- Sinead O’Connor (In case you wanted to cry today)

    Share your favorite songs below! Make sure to leave any suggestions for reviews in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe! Drink responsibly tonight. Nag Nag Nag… You get the idea.


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