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Jawbone UP

I know it’s about 3 and a half months after New Years so most of you have probably gave up on your resolution to go to the gym. But for those of you that haven’t, or would like to focus on other aspects of your health such as: steps, mood, sleep and meals- this App is the best one I’ve seen so far.

1. Overview

Available in the App Store and Google Play for free. Compatible for Apple watch and also makes it’s own wearable device you can purchase starting at $20. On the home screen it will display 3 bars- one for sleep, one for your step count and one for your meal score. It recommends tips based on your fitness patterns daily. This home page also displays a timeline of the data you’ve entered. There’s a plus sign at the bottom of the screen where you can easily add data about your sleep, diet, weight, mood, and workouts. There is a menu where you can set goals, examine your trends, find friends, challenge others to duels, connect with other apps and edit your profile.

2.Step Tracking

One of the things I really like about it, is that it hooks up to the Health App that is already on iPhones. This Health App runs in the background, so your steps will be counted without the app being open. This data automatically transfers to UP, making counting your steps an automatic breeze.

3. Meal Tracking

The meal tracking is not perfect but the best I’ve seen so far. It connects to FourSquare so it contains the menu’s/ nutrition data of most of the restaurants in the area. Food is typically easy to find by searching (Entering less words and leaving off the brand name makes the search come out better). It gives you a daily meal score on a scale out of 10. It highlights nutrition categories you can eat as much as you want of (like fiber and unsaturated fat), things you can eat in moderation (like carbs and protein), and things you should eat as little as possible (like sugar, saturated fats, sodium, and cholesterol). It shows you the calories eaten, and the estimated calories you’ll burn. Another neat feature is that you can take a picture of a food’s bar code to pull up the nutrition facts.

4. Sleep tracking

Using this App allows you to track sleep with ease. Simply enter in the time you went to bed and the time you woke up.

5. Workout Tracking

The workout logging is perfect super easy to use because of it’s simplicity. Enter the type of workout (Weights, eliptical, a sport, etc), the intensity of your workout, the start time and the duration.

6. Mood Tracking

This is very simplistic and more focused toward tracking your energy levels than tracking your mood. However, this information is still important when looking at your overall health.


BOTTOM LINE: Would I recommend?

I would recommend this to anyone who want’s to track all aspects of their health. There are simpler apps if you just want to track just your steps or mood or sleep. But this is the best I’ve seen for overall and for food tracking. I cant’t speak much for the android app but the iPhone App is very smooth and convenient.


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