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Skyline Chili

Happy Spring Valued Reader!

Quick side note before we begin: If any of you are nearby the Cincinnati, OH area and enjoy chili dogs and root bear floats, make sure to check out the Rootbeer Stand in Sharonville. Yesterday they reopened for their 60th season! So Happy Anniversary to them! Support small businesses, people. It’s the most delicious way to stick it to Big Brother and his Corporate Kin.

Anyway, I got off on a bit of a Tuesday Tangent, so I’ll just post the link to their website and be done with it:

What we will actually be reviewing today, on our First Edition of The Nom Nom Diaries, will be another local favorite: Skyline Chili.

Not No Ordinary Chili.

For those of you who are not familiar with Cincinnati-Style chili, I will warn you right now this ain’t no Chili Con Carne. Originating from immigrants from the Macedonian region, Cincinnati Chili can be described as having a “soup-like” consistency. Ingredients include ground beef, stock, tomato paste, cinnamon, other Mediterranean spices and sometimes chocolate. This chili is typically serviced with spaghetti and cheese as a “Three-way” (Sometimes onion and/or beans for a “Four-Way” or “Five-Way”) or on a hotdog with cheese as a cheese coney (Sometimes mustard and onion, if you have any taste). Now out of these Cincinnati-Chili Style places there is a fierce rivalry between Skyline Chili and Goldstar Chili. Families have been destroyed  from this rivalry; children estranged; marriages ripped apart. But of these two, In my unbiased opinion, I can confidently say that Skyline reigns supreme, and anyone who prefers Gold Star is a big fat loser.

Skyline offers other treats like, the 3-way baked potato, chili cheese fries and chilitos (which is a version of a burrito.) The reason I chose this restaurant (besides the fact I’ve gone here about once a week for my entire life) for my St. Patrick’s Day review is because every year, it is a tradition to go to Skyline and get a Green-Way. If you can’t guess, a Green-Way is simply a 3-Way with the noodles dyed green.skyline.PNG

(Green-Way pictured.)

Picture this…

As soon as you walk into Skyline you feel a family vibe. An eatery that sits in that sweet-spot between upscale restaurant and fast-food. You seat yourself and a waitress promptly brings you a bowl of oyster crackers to start your meal. If you’re adventurous, you take a bottle of hot sauce and create “Fire bombs” by dripping it onto the crackers and tossing them down the hatch. You order the Green-Way. The waitress grimaces. Even some of the most  experienced Skyliners shy away from the once-a-year emerald special. But not you. You got spunk, kid. You take a bite. You cry. Can’t handle the deliciousness. The expertly-fluffed Wisconsin cheddar causes you to rethink your life. How much time have you spent not eating Skyline in the past? What a waste. You cry harder. The tears mingle with the chili. No matter, nothing can ruin this meal. As you consume the Skyline. The Skyline starts to consume you…

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Unfortunately for those not close-by, Skyline and other Cincinnati-Style Chili is hard to find outside Cincinnati, with one of the exceptions being a couple in Florida. It can be considered a bit pricey compared to fast-food but I personally believe Skyline is much more than a fast-food joint. It’s got high-quality ingredients, high-quality staff and high-quality principles.

BOTTOM LINE: Will continue going back, probably once a week for the rest of my life (It’s physically impossible to get sick of it)

Will recommend to everyone, near or far (Travel a million miles if you have to, your life is not complete without it.)

Skyline will forever be, to me and any other Cincinnatian who knows anything, a 10/10, would eat again.

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