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Shark week. A visit from Aunt Flow. Moon sickness.

Call it what you want, but if you are a women past puberty you’ll be familiar with this monthly affliction.

For those of you looking to track your period, either looking to get pregnant, track your birth control intake or simply to get familiar with your body, this might just be the app for you.

  1. Overview

Flo is an app that is free on the App store and the Google Play store that allows you to track your whole cycle. You input your cycle settings (cycle length, period length) and it will automatically predict your periods for you. Sometimes shark week can vary, so you can go and adjust it if the prediction is off. You can also log your daily symptoms, to help you find patterns of behavior during each part of your cycle. There are also graphs you can use to view these patterns as well. If connected to Apple Health, this app will carry over the step data to see how active you are. You can set reminders on this app to remind you to take your oral contraceptive, or if you’re looking to conceive there is also a pregnancy mode. Finally, the app dishes out advice/information based on your daily input.

      2. Daily Log

The daily log is a way to track your symptoms every day. Categories include: Lifestyle- where you can track weight, sleep, nutrition, steps, distance, workouts, and water intake; Sex and Sex drive- where you can track if you had protected/unprotected sex, high sex drive, and/or masturbation; Mood- where you can track if you are normal, happy, sad, frisky, mood swings, angry, or panicky; Log symptoms- where you can put if you had cramps, tender breasts, headache, acne, backache, nausea, fatigue, or bloating; Vaginal discharge; and Other- like travel, stress, disease or injury.

From the information you include here, Flo will make predictions and give you advice.

     3. Main Screen

The main screen is where you can see the current day of your cycle and the chance you have of getting pregnant. It also shows symbols of the symptoms you input for that day. You can also see when your next period is predicted to happen.

    4. Privacy

For those of you who don’t want this personal information to fall into the wrong hands, there is a setting on this to set up an access code to prevent anyone else but you from getting in.

    5. Birth Control Reminders

I have my birth control reminders set for every day at 9:30 PM. They will keep sending you reminders until you go into the app and mark that you’ve taken it on time. Unfortunately, there’s no kind of alarm associated with this- it just sends you a text message. However, this is useful if you’ve accidentally turned off your birth control alarm. The only real problem I seem to have with this app is the limited cycle settings. The cycle length only goes up to 70 days, and due to the type of birth control I take, my cycle is 90 days long, causing the period predictions to not be accurate. I contacted support and they said they are currently working on incorporating more types of birth control and if I manually enter in my periods, the app will adjust.


BOTTOM LINE: Would I recommend?

I would recommend this to all ladies, whether they are trying to get pregnant, on birth control or not. Being familiar with your body is always useful, especially if you’re trying to become healthier.

I will continue using this app, in conjunction with Jawbone UP, everyday. It is super quick and easy to use.

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