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Well it is finally springtime in Cincinnati. Everyone around knows this could mean extreme joy as the sun burns bright above; the breeze wafting through the honeysuckles bringing about sweet smells into the air; or crushing disappointment as, overnight, the temperature plummets and you wake up to find your car covered in snow. It’s a coin flip really. Not to mention the mood swings and allergies that accompany the sporadic weather. It has taught me one thing though, Valued Reader, to seize the moment! If you see the sun, run outside! Quit your job, ditch your kids. Who needs money, not I! (But if you have any left over income feel free to donate to my GoFundMe whenever you can*) Don’t fret if the sky decides to cry, though. You still have Spring Cleaning to do!

  1. Your One and Only ❤


2. No not Planet of the Apes- the other one


3. This week I will be attending a restaurant with Notorious picky eater… Mr. D. This will be his first time Dewey’s Pizza.



*In all serious though folks, I do have a family member who is in need of your help. Recently Tara Dickman had a stroke that affected 75% of her brain. She needed to have part of her skill removed due to the swelling of her brain. They are trying to get her into RIC, the best stroke rehab facility in the country. It’s in Chicago so in addition to her treatment, she needs money for travel as well. If any of you have even a dollar to contribute, any thing would help. She is very young and has a long life ahead of her! Here is a link to her GoFundMe account:



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To those of you celebrating St. Paddy’s (Shout out to my Irish fans!) make sure to wear your green, crank up your Dropkick Murphy’s CD **I’ll pause here so all of my young fans can quickly google what a CD is** and make sure to drink responsibly. I’ll be staying in, due to the fact that I look suspiciously like a Leprechaun, to protect my gold- I mean… to do chores…

Anyway, stay tuned for the following reviews….

1.INTRODUCING… APPsolutely Dope: App Reviews. This week we will be looking at a new fitness app I have downloaded called Jawbone UP


2. A Weekly favorite, The Four Horseman of Beauty: 4th Edition4horsebeauty

3. The second edition of Popcorn pals- this week is a mystery movie (hint: it may or may not be related to St. Patrick’s Day) (Double hint: it is)popkern

4.ALSO INTRODUCING… The Nom Nom Diaries: A Restaurant Review. This week I will be reviewing one of my favorite restaurants, Cincinnati’s famous Skyline Chili.


5.AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, INTRODUCING… Soundtrack to my life: Music playlists and reviews. This week featuring a Paddy’s Day Playlist


So there you go, you have something to look forward to now. Make sure to leave any suggestions in the comment box and if any of you see a dyed-purple sheep in their yard, call the cops immediately, he is armed with the shank and has nothing to live for (He doesn’t read my reviews, obviously.)  So stay safe and have fun!

Love and Luck,

Your non-leprechaun friend,

Rae Reviews

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Greetings Valued Reader,

Thank you for visiting my site and giving a rookie like me a chance to shine. Follow me on my rags to riches story as I pull this website up by the bootstraps and turn it into something unrealistically magical like free healthcare. Also, if you haven’t got a chance yet, pop over to our sister site Tequila Mockingbird, who is totally not me, by the way. I am Rae, and Tequila Mockingbird is actually run by my evil twin, Ear- not that they’ll ever admit that. The site is pretty weak right now, not gonna lie, but I heard Ear was captured by Somalian pirates and is currently swimming their way back to us as we speak. So hopefully you can look forward to a new and exciting review from them soon. (But hey, you can’t count on anyone can you?)

ANYhow, for all other types of random reviews: health, beauty, lifestyle, restaurants, movies, pornos, whatever you guys wanna see- Give me suggestions in the comments! Or don’t, I’m used to the disappointment.

As for the super near future, ergo this coming week, check out the list below for upcoming reviews.



The Four Horsemen of Beauty will showcase 4 products from four different categories of Health and Beauty. Next week the categories will include: Nails, Eyes, Face and Hair.

      2. INTRODUCING… POPCORN PALS: A Movie Review


Our brand new segment, POPCORN PALS will take a look at new Movie “Get Out”. A social thriller directed by the famous Jordan Peele, from Key and Peele.



Another new segment to the site, Wish U Were Here will explore popular hotel chain and indoor waterpark, Great Wolf Lodge as I document my stay there this weekend.

So stay tuned and make sure to throw in suggestions if there is something you would like to know more about. Maybe it’s something you’re too scared to try yourself. Don’t be ashamed. Fear keeps us alive. That’s why it’s a good thing I have nothing to live for.


Rae Reviews

(Yes, Reviews is actually my last name. I’ve heard all the jokes before so just keep em to yourself)